Hannes Paldrok - Location Manager / Scout / CEO / Member of the Board
Before entering the film industry in 2016 as a location scout, Hannes was organizing skateboarding, art, and club events in a variety of locations and touring around the world doing performance art. 

Feature Films:
Location scouting & management: "Erna At War"
Location scouting & management: "Melchior The Apothecary"
Location management: "Omerta 6/12"

Music video:
Location scouting & management: Haevn - Fortitude, Alma - When I die

Location scouting & management: Vodafone, Expert, Mercedes Surreal, Säästöpankki, Fazer Premium, Valio Oddly Good, Märklin, NetWork, Opel, Samsung, Kärcher, Renault, Nokia, Felix, Mitsubishi, BMW, 

+372 555 95 767


Martin Oja -  Location Manager & Scout 

Martin graduated Tartu University History Department in 2016  

Location Scouting: DNA, Urheilulehti, GG Syria PRO, Ferrero, Renault Pro+, Volkswagen ID.3, RosTelecom, Netto Marken, Mercdes eVans, VW ID-Buzz, VW Caddy, Tipico, Porsche

Location Manager: Urheilulehti, DNA, Olybet, Tissaia, Renault, Tony Card, Seat, Ferrero Kinder, Jeep, Lidl, Iglo, Nokia, Kekkilä, Viking Line, Renault Pro+, Volkswagen ID.3,
RosTelecom, Netto Marken, Erste Bank, Finanzcheck, Mercdes eVan, VW ID-Buzz,
VW Caddy, Tipico, Porsche, C&A Winter 2021
Supervising manager: Samsung KNOX, HP, Nivea, Synlab, Parship

Tv Series:
Location Scouting: "Pank"
Music Video:

Location Manager "JP Cooper - Sing it with me" 
Feature Films:
Key Location Assistant: "O2" 
Location scout & manager: "House Hack", "MCVN"
Location Scout "Omerta 6/12"

+372 53230481

Kadi Põder  - Location Scout & Management

Location Scouting: Netto, VW Caddy, Tipico, Porsche
Key assistant: Netto, VW Caddy, Porsche

+372 55670889

Marleen Muhuste  - Location Scout & Presentation princess

Location Scouting: VW Caddy, Tipico, Porsche, Nivea

BTS ninja

+372 53238281

Maria Kaarep  - Location Manager & Scout (Parental leave)

Location Scouting: ERGO, Ferrero, Samsung, Tonycard, Kotipizza, Seat, Ferrero, Iglo, Samsung KNOX, Elisa, Verkkokauppa, Mitsubishi, BMW,

Location Manager: Elisa TVC, Verkkokauppa, Samsung KNOX


Mihkel Vällik - Warehouse manager

+372 5884 4697