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Location Services for Nafta Films
Location Manager: Kristo Kaljuvee
Location Assistant: Keio Kink, Gerth Kastehein, Sulev Sillaste, 

Artur Anderson, Gregor C. Reilson
Location Scouting: Helen Västrik, Hannes Paldrok & Kristo Kaljuvee

Producer EST: Esko Rips

Client: SONY
Director: Stephan Wever
DOP: Patrick Duroux
Production designer: Kristina Lõuk
Agency: Confidant
Production company: Stink Films

Definitely a project with one of the most challenging location scouting process we had this year. Since none of the clients had ever been to Estonia, they were quite uncertain about the fact can we fake a Metropol big city life here in Tallinn. Bringing this project to Estonia was mainly due to our location scouts who managed to find the right corners and perspectives for the Metropol feel. Take a look at the "In noise, we escape" clip and decide yourself!  

All the locations for the other two clips had to be extraordinary and magical only. Luckily, we have plenty of them here in Estonia and our scouts had a good portion of fun scouting the whole Republic!

Big thanks go to: Eesti Raudtee, Elron, Hiite Maja SA, Keskkonnaamet, KB Auto

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Säästöpankki Elämänvara

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