OPEL Combo Life 2018 TVC

Location Services for Nafta Films

Location Manager: Hannes Paldrok
Location Scouting: Hannes Paldrok, Helen Västrik, Lee Kelomees
Key Assistan Manager: Kenn Rull
Location Assistants: Kristian Daniel Esko, Karl-Märten Kitsing, Fred Taik, Martin Oja

Producer EST: Ilya Medovy  
Client: Opel Germany
Director: Max Milles
DOP: Jann Döppert

Production designer: Armin Kohlman
Agency: heimat drive
Production company: BigFish
Producer: Pierre Böhmann
Line Producer: Jakob Rühle

We needed to provide a secure location where nobody would be able to see and take photos of the secret Opel vehicle. 
Renault TVC
Märklin TVC

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