Ferrero Kinder

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TVC Kinder Ferrero
Location Services to Nafta Films 
Location Manager: Martin Oja
Key Assistant Manager: KD Esko
Location Assistants: Märten Kitsing, Keio Kink, Martin Lapin, T-P Liiv, Kenn Rull
Location Scouting: Martin Oja, Lee Kelomees, Maria Kaarep
Producer EST: Esko Rips

Production Designer: Bader El Hindi 
Art Director: Kaia Tungal

Production company: Tony Petersen Film
Executive producer:
Client: Ferrero
Director: Vesa Manninen
DOP: Tuomo Virtanen

Massive thanks to Andri Tšupin, Riho, Julian, Paloma, Raimonds, Ieva & everybody else involved for their patience! See the other clips below!

Samsung Note 9
Public Hero

2 replies

Thank you Riho for kind comments! We loved this project, hopefully many more to come. Loc Unity, December 18, 2018
I began to believe that Santa Claus really was there ! Congratulations on the successful outcome ! Riho, December 14, 2018

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