Location Service for Nafta Films
Location Manager: Kristo Kaljuvee
Key Assistant Location Manager: Hannes Paldrok
Location Assistant: Martin Oja 
Location Scouting: Hannes Paldrok & Kristo Kaljuvee

Producer EST: Esko Rips

Client: IGLO
Director: Christiane Brunner-Schwer
DOP: Jon Gaute Espevold
Production designer: Kristina Lõuk
Agency: GREY Germany
Production company: Film Deluxe
The most challenging task for us was to create a nice and cozy area for catering as all of a sudden it was minus 20 degrees Celsius outside. Diesel based heaters saved the day! 

Making of photos by Helen Västrik!
Playmobil TVC 
McDonnells Curry Sauce TVC

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