Expert TVC

Location Services for Nafta Films

Location Manager: Hannes Paldrok
Location Scouting: Hannes Paldrok, Helen Västrik, Kristo Kaljuvee
Key Assistant Manager: Matilde Matvere
Location Assistants: Martin Oja, Kaspar Rabbi, Andreas Kask

Producer EST: Diana Mikita

Client: EXPERT
Director: Michael Beresford Wong
DOP: Olivier Cariou
Production designer: Kaia Tungal
Production company: Film Deluxe

Something-something we did in the summer of 2017. This was a first proper shoot for Hannes as a Location Manager, it had it all: closing down one of the biggest roads in Tallinn; 5 company moves per day and a guerilla shoot in the central Tallinn.

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